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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  February 13, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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pocket. we have an in-house phone but i couldn't get that to work and i was just4# working from behind my back. and jim scooted out into the hallway and told me he had actually hidden -- >> when he chased her down the stairs, i stuck my cell phone under the seat cushion of the couch, hoping we could get to it later. >> but actually i really couldn't figure out how could i get at the cushion and get the cell phone and work with it. while i was trying to figure out how to do çóthat, i actually looked on the coffee tableko and évaphe left my cell phone right on the coffeea5t( table right there. and i sat downñi and was able to scoot around and work with it and call 911. >> reporter: at the moment that you have realized that this was christopher dorner what went through your mind? >> thought we were dead. >> i realc)÷ thought it could be the end. i neñdu even knew my reaction would beu to run butozit was.
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i actually saw him quicker than him somehow and was -- >> i was walkinglp behind her so she was blocking my view ande1 until she turned and ran i adn't seee1 his face and think?ekñ saw him. >> we saw so many pictures of him. and while he talked to me he said i know you've been seeing the news and i know you know who i am. and he was explaining occurrences like the boat incident that has been covered. >> reporter: did he talk to you about the officers he shot? >> no. >> we've beenr and carol reynolds, thefá couple tied up and held in a cabin by christopher dorner. erin burnett çó"outfront" will start shortly but first we want to bring youñi the rest of the press jfconference. >> and hee1 never spoke anything against saying i'me1 out after them.
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>> reporter: can you describe to us his demeanor? >> he was always very, very calm. >> very t(calm.e1 >> andlp you really could tell that he was professionally trained. of courseohá knew that w3too. but really the way he had us do each thing was really -- the best word i can think of is very methodical youfá know, like do exactly this. he was able toe1 wrap our hands and legsq pretty easily with those. >> reporter: he was methodical with you. he was trained,fá as we know. = he appearfá in your opinion that he was carrying out a larger plan or more that you hadr stumbled into him? >> it would appear to me we stumbled into him. he didn't seem to have a plan. >> youfá know i think -- >> reporter: did he leave anything behind? >> when we were tied up and laying there, we heard him stuffing something in a bag or back pack. >> yeah he was packing up while
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we were laying there. >> reporter: any kind of food wrapper that he had been eating there, living there? >> the unit wase1 not real cleaned up when we went in either. we were doing a whole lot ofq renovating. but -- >> there was a bag of carrots in the refrigerator. >>@átjuu(j some milk in the cleaned out. sm3ñr i don't know if he brought those or if they were still in there because we hadn't gotten upstairs yet. >> reporter: did he seem -- >> reporter: do you have any marks on your wrist? can we see them? >>r óttzok tired or anything. >> he seemed very w3rested. >> reporter:xd where do you think the erroneous information about
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the house keepers came from? >> i think -- this is really only a guess but while i was on with 911 operator while we were in theçó room right before he was --xd when he was really on his way out for the last time,jf you know,lp in about the 5akey, going out again. i knew as still in the #ak% living roomt( but i heardçó i]noise thumping, and our laundry room is right below that unit he goes past it it's at the landing. an had just gone in there you know because i didn't know where exactly whate1 units they #% werexd in.xdxd and i was scared that they were, you know, like he may have gottnzqs and put them in there doing the same thing or something going wrong.
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so i asked them to call -- >>e1 911. >> when i called 911,e1 i asked if someone could call them anj( make sure they're safe. i think that's howt( cell numbers to come to people out there. but they weren't in there. the reason i heard the noise is because while he was with us they were in the unit right ÷jw- beside us cleaning. >> reporter: now did you have any guests in any of your units? >> not at the time that we were with him. we hadlp guests all e1weekend. >> we were full for the weekend. >> like we had one guest the night before but they were checse# out before we hade1 gone into that unit. >> reporter: did you have working cable and internet inside that? >> yes. >> reporter: wasçó it safe to say -- >> water, cable, internet lptv. everything. >> i never -- 12 1/2 t(years,
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yeah. >> reporter: did you live on the property as well? >> 1) >> reporter: didjf he have a vantage point from the e1windows? >> he didn't saye1 it. >> he didn't talk about that stuff. >> reporter: how long do you think he might have been in there? >> well, just from himok talking to us about seeing hot1 hard ofi] workers we were and that we knowe1 it wast(e1 at least through friday when all that snow was there because he kept talking about how hard we were working at clearing it and that kind of stuff. there wasn't --ñi he never said anythingw3 like ie1 just showed up after my truck broke down. >> we just had to makei] a deduction. we don't e1know. >> it really sounded like from what he said he was there from >> there were no footprints goingw3 in ori] out.
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he was there before the snow started.w3 >> reporter: you were go to make an observation about whether he could have seen thexd command post from thate1 unit. >> i think so yes. but i don't know if he was ever out there.çó we never even like stopped and looked at the snow or anything. we didn't lookw3 out on the deck. >> reporter: because your home is so close to the command post did you just assume there was no way he would5a be here? >> prettyi] much yes. >> yeah.u >> reporter: from the time that you think he 5aleft how long do you think it took you too6k call 911? >> probably 15 minutes. >> probably 15 minutes. it felt like 15 hours > we went in there around 12 -- maqbv a little before. around 20 after when we called 911. ear up to the phone --
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>> i hit the speaker.e1 >> reporter: why did he leave your cell phone? >> he didn't leave a note.5a there's been some assumption that he wouldn't wantçó to be tracked but i don't know why he didn't hide it or something. i kind of felt like he left it there for us z tell you thee1 ççjdtq) u)uth, was just some comforting thing i needed at the time. >> reporter: why do you think he -- >> he was veryxd insistent that -- >> he said four, five times heçó didn't have a problem with us he just wanted to clear his name. he said i don't have a problem with you so i'm not going to hurt you. >> so do youe@"ave mixed feelings about him? >> reporter: if you had nosá called 911 with that vehicle description, he would have gotten away. >> that's why we tried very hard to get out and call, make sure he didn't. >> reportñd$rq sk you any questions? did he get any information fromt( you? >> he just asked if wefáe1 had a
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car, where it was. >> car andjfxd location. but i don't recall him asking us anything aboutlp anything else. >> reporter: are you hoping to get any of the million dollar reward? >> actually i pretty much -- we're very happy to be alive and that the rest of our family is safe and i've actually prettye1 much just heard that -- thate nobody is getting that because he needed to be captured and convicted and all. and it's -- we didn't even think about any ofe1 that until sitting arounde1 the sheriff's station we just kind of started joking about it. >> reporter: do you think there will be issues going back into that unit? >> yes. >> reporter: can you talk aboutxde1 that?xd >> we're actually -- >> just get a feeling of emotion sometimes just comes over.ok i look at that unit and think of
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going back in. over the years there's times i go in in the middle of the night you just get a strange feeling worse. >> reporter: have you been backw3 vp since? >> no.e1 >> reporter: how does it feel be back now? >> it feelspiçó great being back if our apartment for the first time since we got out of thexd sheriff'#ñ office. >> reporter: whate1w3 did you say when you calledçó 911? >> i said donort( called us up and giving our address and has taken our -- i'm notñi positive about all of this. youãmight hear a replay and it's totally different. tried to give a description of the g[ right away. we -- i had no idea what ou license plate wasxd but pretty much started with that and then
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where we were because it's not an easy one to find. and it felt like forever too before they got there bute1 it probablyok wasn't thatñi bad. >> reporter: xdma'am, of the marks on your wrist, could you show us? >> i don't know ife1 you can thu that's the worst on the wrist and then there's -- these arexd -- actually, they're getting better. and i had some around my ankles too, but i'm not goingcio show you those because it's cold.lpok >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> we think it was just a little bit after fge9ñ we really weren't paying much attention to time at all. - >> wev?9&ñ live here so we're all overfá the place, really weren't watching the xdtime. >> it's not even all the time
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thatt( he and i -- rarelyq that we go into xdunits. it's just that we were both there for a reason at the same time. >> reporter: can you tell us how long you've been married and how long you've owned -- >>xd we've own this place 12 years. we've been married 36 years. >> reporter: how do youe1 feel about how it all ended yesterday? >> sad about theçó deputies. >> yeah. we really want to extend our their families and to their fellow ñuicers. and we also wante1 to thank all the officers who helped us yesterday.xd even like when we were at the sheriff's station, you know, so manyñi ofeq$u$emfá really weren't working w would be -- had a lott( of comfortinge1 words to say and it was -- it was just a really --
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that part was really a good experience for what we'd been through. i don't remember the question. >> reporter: how you thought about how it ended. >> how itok ended i was actually quite gladlp that this can be over for all these policemen and of coutytñr all of southern california people being so fearful of this man being around.ok i didn't wish him dead, though, at any point. i really didn't. i prayede1 for him a lot and i'm praying for his family now. and i don't know.4%- it was a tough ending just from the beginning of it all to the end, it was awful.e1
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>> reporter: can i get your fams? >> my name is karen reynolds. >> i'm jim reynolds. >> karenok? >> yes. >> thank you for sharing your story. >> okay. thank you, everyone.ñihtw3 >> i would imagine it could have been thursday but i'm telling you at the time there was nobody renting that cabin. >> did you tell individuals -- >> we did not find any forced entry.ue1 >> reporter: do you believe he picked that cabin because it was close to where the station was, where the press conferences were happening? double he planning another attack or the shoot-out just happened -- >> at this point that would be speculative and we'll comment on that later as the investigationlpe1
8:15 pm
unfo oq"" $eh! unfolds. >> reporter: we spoke to people in that neighborhood who sayt( nobody ever knocked on their door. that cabin was a vacation i] rental. c] the people who were renting ite1 cleaning it, just surprised mr. dorner there. it doesn't sound like you guys were there and completely cleared that area. >> i can tell you that the cabin in questione1 had not been rentedt( out since feb as i said there was an extension search in that area of thank you. >> please understand there's an answered at a later date. >> we're not going to be taking anye1 further questions. we'll summarize statements made
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and we'll be posting updates. i'd like to thank you all for coming to our press conference. thank you once again. that concludes the press conference for today. >> all right, that's the end of the press conference from the san bernardino press conference. the press hade1 a lot more questions theyw3 wanted. miguelt( marquez asked a question at the end. you heard them talk about therw@&hc% fact that they can't absolutely confirm that the body in the cabin was that of christopáìc% dorner. let me bring in miguel who is in the room of the press conference. we didn't get a lot of answers. let's put it that xdway.lp >> reporter: a shockingly sh í press conference for as many questions as there are hanging out there.w3 clearl9ñfxd ae1e1 sense tiffitive point for thñ( san bernardino's sheriff'sñi office one1çó how those ?;caz m were
8:17 pm
searched. the cabin where theser thesexd individuals who own this apartment were going to clean it where that was wasçó less than a ?q) sr&e away. it was also across thee1 street from the communication center and theçó command center that theñi sheriffs set up here. we spoke áo people in that area who said that no one ever knocked on their door no one ever asked if they saw anything e1 change no onew3 ever came round. the owners who own that cabidi apparently own several different cabins throughout the okarea they rent them out for summer rentals. why didn't police or sheriff's department tell individuals make sure your empty cabins your summer rentals are secure? none of that seemed to happen and the guy was hiding literallyú right under their noses.çó!u shocking. >> and what's your feeling in termsó[fá of when we're goingxde1 to get- ìc% answers, miguel particularly onu
8:18 pm
the issue of confirmation on the body. obviously they say there's no activeqe1i] manhunt but why not absolute confirmation? >> we would certainlyc-cuj$ @&hc% that. they seem to clearly have end case that it is him, very strong indication it is him. whether or not it's the family telling them that it's him or it is the scars, tattoos,xde1 dental "t) áq(j áy perhaps they wante1 to make that -- perhaps they want to make that genetic link before they tell us with 11&v certainty that it's him. it's not very clear. hel" seem to indicate that they are going to know so perhapse1 they have dental records on the way and they can make that indication very clear so that people can sort of rest easy. at the same time they say we're almost sure it's him and there is no more search forvp him. so that kind of answers your fá question. >>fár
8:19 pm
michel. let's go back to commissioner e1q bratton, former police commission of the los angeles police department. you 3q heard the press conference. obviously they weren't able to answer a lot oft( questions that the media has that thee1 country has. but this is the fundamental question. i know it's hard because you weren't there but do you thinkxd it was possible to capture christopher dorner alive? >> i'm not going to speak to that because i don't have enough details. that press conference was very e1 unusual. in terms of the minimal amount of information that was given outi considering the large number of questions that are out there. so it's÷+$turáe obvious overs next several days there's goingñr to be a lot of intense mediaw3 focus on that department on this issue and the answerse1 are going to have to bee1 provided at some point in time. these investigations are very complicated because there's so many moving parts and having headed up a numberok of them overw3
8:20 pm
the years, i'mr7 aware of thee1 complexity. but there are some answers that are going to have to be forthcoming. otherwise the drum beat of media pressure, public pressure is going to become very overwhelming at this department. t questions about and not really answers about is how many negotiations there were. miguel was reporting there might have been cell phone conversations between dorner and police deputies though obviously they didn't confirm that tonight. wanted toe1 play an exchange over the rpio+ and get your reaction to it. here it is.çóymok >> soe's like one shot fired from inside the residence. confirming you still want fire to r in. >> roll[ç in and stay. >> so how do you interpret that? >> well, the earlier clip you showed clearly did sound like a war zone. >> they described it as aovar
8:21 pm
zone. >> i know i wasçó intrigued laste1çó3w night when i first my assumption and it would be an assumption because there's note1 much claritye1 to the building at the time maybe afy'áxd the shooting had stopped from within the cabin or theu sheriff's deputies outside the fácabin, that a -- there was ammunitionxd and explosions going on in thee1 cabin itself. the heat gets intense enough, it will set off that xdammunition. r you were hearing?/wx1lp >>. >> there'sfá they this i probably
8:22 pm
have the technical capabilities to put out sound. the one-shot speculation is that he committed suicide. that'se1w3e1e1t(e1e1 something the autopsies may it's quite likely he could have been possibly even wounded during that exchange. >>e1 let me bring in tom fuentes into this conversation.[:jdji- let me ask you, tom, what's your -- what is your view of the single-shot e1áheory? >> well i would agree with the commissioner. if there's one shot fired it could b'rs committing suicide. it doesn't sound like the police
8:23 pm
would be firing a single shot. so to mejf it does soundjf that that's a good possibility if in fact that noise was a gunshot. >> kate what'sjf your view wh/ny4jdtq)qpyou just heard some of the conversavim"át police were havingt(e1 during the final minutes yesterday. do you think that questions out there surrounding howok theçó police handled this are justified or not?w3w3 >> totally unjustified. number one would i never discredit anybody who was there because i wasn't there. number two,w3 nor anything to analyze you that's unsearchable. >> do you think, though that because two police officers had been killed in a in the )ntj of the police that were theree1 that deadr i mean, this is someone who had killed their ol4ikeagues.
8:24 pm
>> this person hadok a manifesto that said he was going to go down in the blade of glory.ok õkd8this guy had killed four people allegedly and had basically toldw3 told. >> tom what's the bottom line? will we ever know what really happened and when and why not? >> the sheriff's office wille1t( be doing an intense internale1 investigation to reconstruct what happened through the lpevent, from the time that either led the road and how the pick tax worked and what they wandfáq to do. at the end of the5a day in agreeing with your last guest, the subject drner did not escape. wince you had tactical officers7oo on site and the areau e1contained no other officers were killed,
8:25 pm
help didn'txd. >> all right, thanks very much to all three of jfyou. we appreciate it. >> still to come, passengers have been trapped for days. they're one step closer toe1 rescue tonight but still many hours çóaway. what are we going to see whenlp help arrives.fá and, three,xdt(e1e1xd how can argentina change engineering in dubai? the =/%aerosmith industryçó in the u.s. at t.r. price we understand the complexities of a global society.xde1qokñc3
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cruise ship catastrophe. more thane1 3,000 people are stille1i] trapped on the carnival cruise ship. carnival cruise line is now offering $500 toñi eachqç uáq'ger for their trouble. the ship'se1 propulsionq system failed onñi sunday after an engine martin savage is "outfront" on the passenger's ordeal.q
8:29 pm
>> suffering at sea. low on food, sweltering without air-conditioning and sloshing with sewage. >> the smells are, i can't describe them. our room is flooded. there's raw sewage pretty bad. walk in the hallways, you have to cover your face. we don't have any masks for breathing. it's disgusting. the worst thing ever. >> other passengers describe being told to go to the bathroom in plastic bags. pictures taken from ships coming to aid show people standing outside on the upper decks. >> there is no ai=qd we're on the decks. yeah, we're fine.c >> first, i think it's very important that i apologize to our guests and to their families that have been affected by this very difficult situation. says since sunday, the crews have been working to restore basic systems. >> there's running water and a !p
8:30 pm
so we obviously in a situation like this, you're going to be very sensitive to all hygiene procedures. morning. we brought trash bags to put their shoes in. >> mary and her friend both have daughters on board the triumph traveling with tcg ñdads. they posted this picture just before boarding. the two moms drove all night from texas in a mini van after hearing the fear in their e÷ daughters' voices monday in a phone call.lp >> she was scared. of not knowing what was going to happen next, but her biggest fear was the fear that she didn't know if she'd ever get to see her mommy again. that's hard. >> neither mom has heard from their daughter since. now, every phone call is answered, even during live interviews. í hello? >> it's another false alarm.
8:31 pm
leading the moms to anxiously worry and wait. >> going to have to pray me off this dock. i mean, i really need to see her. really need to see her and hug her. >> so, instead of pacing at home, the moms are here, pacing. pacing the dock.e1 >> all right, pretty just shocking when you think about it. right now scheduled, though, to come to shore tomorrow afternoon, right? >> yeah, that's the best estimate they've got right now. oásm%zerjjt)sqso it should come in sometimkqáween 2:00 a they're projecting we'll have to wait overnight to see how it really turns out. >> you were reporting that carnival could offer people $500 each. what else will they do? some may think given sort of the horror of what's been happening
8:32 pm
there, what you were describinge1 the filth that might not be enough. >> no, a lot of people are saying it mighé ]ot be enough. the way it's supposed to break down, everyb)$(:uuáháhe money. on top of that, free transportation. they're going to get a full refund and a deep discount on their next cruise. but the logistics now of handling these people when they get toñi shore,ñi that's a real big problem. 1,500 hotelxd rooms have been r y for them because you can bet the first thing they want is a nice shot shower. >> thank you there. now to the rocky road to the cabinet. two ofçó president obama's nominees are facingi] hurdles notice senate. jou@yq=ie1 mccain saidsa he filibuster 3kñ the president doesn't give more information on the attacklp and orders of the night in benghazi.m/oñiw3ñri]
8:33 pm
and =,jgvd he doesn't getbnanswers aboutt(xd the use of drones in the united states of america.e1 that's an issue we talked about last week when i asked the chairman of the house intelligence committee that very question, whether he could see a time when drowns were used against american citizens on american soil. >> i don't think we'll ever get there. i think it's very, very important to understand that the legal justific!i)%ujj juár'g an air strike against an enemy, no matter their citizenship, is long standing in this country. they no longer have the benefit of u.s. citizenship to protect them when they're on foreign land fighting the bat $ju$e united states. paul of kentucky and asked him if he thinks he is wrong. >.ell, he didn't say no. what i want to hear from john brennan before i agree to let his nomination go forward, that no cia or the department of defense cannot kill someone in america without you know, any
8:34 pm
kind of judicial proceeding. senator widen asked this, can soil with a drone without a judicial heajp'd brennan didn't answer the question. so-zwe've asked it in writing. my understanding is senator wyden has answered in writing. so if you're not going to answer no, i think that means you're telling us yes, you believe that the president has the power to kill an american in america. seasone1e1 that is appallingx i think even overseas that if u aq! 5iuáátjájráh'ot in the middle of firing a gun or grenade launcher, that they really should be tried for treason if they're an american with drone attacks, but really an american citizen should be tried in court here or abroad unless they're imminently in the act of firing a weapon. >> and when it comes to hagel's t[ca9=5%9q%=91zñbviously john +- mccain indicating he may filibuster it.
8:35 pm
going against what he had said before. tom rex is a contributing editor for foreign policy magazine. he'se1 written twox$$(jjju about iraq and he just wrote this -- work with congress and work with the militarye1 to reshape the military to make it relevant fore1qi) t hagel appears to lack thefá intellectual appetiteñiq to doñrñr the latter. those are verye1 strong words. gr+zu think chuck haggel has been the pentagon? >> my information is evene1q thoughxd i'm a conservative republic to give the president who ist( nnt his -- politically i don't agree with much of anythingqçó in a john
8:36 pm
g!i +t5ye1. >> i'm forzúditing the pentagon. i think there is ways for it to be found.xd i know you a solee1yme1i] they may have provided financing and i think he needs to reveal that. i'mñ" one that says, yes, iu- need more information about making aá.", final decision. >> do you thinkxd john mccain can filibuster --p, he is in his project in the the the -- the only way to get the information
8:37 pm
is toe1 threat them to ai] high standard of with he's- essentially sayingteák hat you would very to qme. we do signature strikes now. we don't even name the x the heem to live detective. maybe coming ots of a city or an encampment where they'rexd meeting and saying anti-government things are we dwk to havee1 strikes injf america? it opens pandora'se1q box by saying you mites as well kill an american. without a trial? that's very imimportance.
8:38 pm
>> you took on democrats and i have to ask you this, senator last time aro% er2012 four of the 16 candidatesxd endorsede1 by the tea party actually won. is thexd tea party losing fásteam? >> we did better in 2010 but neither did any republicans do very well in 2012. so i don't thinkdfugñ that's neces4]r&y (r). i would say there still is at( movement but still thinkfá it still party is not#tx afraide$ toxd" tello?kz f- remember. appreciatemze1 usually appreciate your time. >> next a 5-year-old boy( was held1]
8:39 pm
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we have breaking news in the alabama hostage story. we are getting new pictures of the 6-year-old boy who was abducted and held for six days in an underground bunker. now, these are from the office of robert bentley who met with ethan and his mother today. also today for the first time since his abduction, ethan and his mother are speaking out in an interview with dr. phil and talk about those frightening six days and about how ethan is doing right now. >> give me five. i like it. >> nine days after ethan was freed from an underground bunker, the world is getting the first glimpse of this brave 6-year-old, but his mother, jennifer kirkland, tells dr. phil is recovery has been difficult. >> he is having a very hard time sleeping soundly. he's, he slings his arms and tosses and turns. he's, he's cried out a few times. >> in a story that captivated the nation, ethan was kidnapped
8:43 pm
at gunpoint from a school bus last month. his abductor had boarded the bus and killed the driver. for six day, ethan was held underground by dykes in an eight by six bunker. over the years, the vietnam veteran behaved strangely and had beaten a dog to death with a pipe, but kirkland says dykes took surprisingly good care of her son. >> when he found out ethan was autistic and took medication, i believe that's why he started caring and let ethan have the things he was letting him have. snz >> authorities say he fed the boy, gave him toys. kirkland said it was the hardest thing she's ever been through. waiting for ethan's return. >> i wanted to be there. there's not one second of this whole thing that i wouldn't have begged that man to let me have ethan and i would have turn around and give him to my family and took his place at any moment, any second, had i been allowed to. >> for almost a week, police and fbi officials tried to
8:44 pm
convince dikes to let ethan go free but they ended up storming the bunker in a daring rescue. >> they told me he had stopped negotiating and grew agitated and it was time to get ethan out of there. >> what did they do? >> i understand that a hostage team went in, put explosives on top of doors and blown the doors off and knocked him off guard with that. they went in and covered ethan with a vest and shot mr. dykes. >> did he see mr. dykes shot and killed? >> he absolutely did. he seen the army came in and shot the bad man. >> ethan who played quietly with his toys says little about what happened in those harrowing days. but when dr. phil asks him how
8:45 pm
he gets to school here's what he whispers to his mother. kirkland says she has forgiven dykes and is ready to move on. >> how are you coping with this? >> i'm not sure yet. i've been so busy trying to make sure he's okay. first. i mean, i'm facing it on how -- i'm basing it on how he's doing. if he's doing okay today, then i'm fine. >> and now, an update on one of the more controversial state of the more controversial state of the union attendees. it was ted nugent, a long time gun advocate, also, a critic on the president. he gave us his take, quote, it pains me deeply he is still at his deceitful fantasy scam and the clueless masses are buying it. somebody better wake up before he completely eviscerates the entire american dream." we'll have more on that
8:46 pm
obviously a pretty controversial comment. and for years we've known folic acid can prevent birth defects, but taking supplements could make those expecting 39% more -- 39% less likely to have children with autism. it is found in leafy vegetables and infused in processed breads and cereals. dr. lipkin says with the additional sugar, women are better off taking a vitamin. to get the folic acid. he suggests women start taking a supplement now so it can take effect early in a pregnancy. apple announces it's going to move some production back to the united states. you may have seen the ceo of apple at the state of the union, but something doesn't add up.
8:47 pm
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so if you suffer from middle-of-the-night insomnia ask your doctor about intermezzo and return to sleep again. ♪ ♪ the state of the union is a great opportunity for the president to highlight some of his successes and outline his big goals for the future. last night was no exception. the president saying the future was about the jobs. >> after shedding jobs for more than ten years, our manufacturers have added about 500,000 jobs over the past three. caterpillar is bringing jobs back from japan, ford is
8:50 pm
bringing jobs back from mexico. and this year apple will start making macs in america this year. >> the president seemed to be referring to statements made by tim cook the ceo of apple. at that time, tim cook announced he would spend $100 million to produce a mac line in the united states. that sounds like a big deal, because while tim cook is quick to point out some components are already made in america, almost every other aspect of apple's production has been outsourced to asia. so it's no surprise that president obama would hold apple's move back to the united states states up as a major accomplishment. every job counts and it's also important to count every job. apple, well, according to labor economist dan lorian, the move will mean about 200 new american jobs. so while apple is bringing production to the united states, and that's a good thing, should
8:51 pm
they have been congratulated during the state of the union address? after all, apple is the second biggest company in america. the $100 million investment is 0.0073% of apple's current cash on hand of more than $100 billion. and if we're congratulating apple on creating 200 new american jobs, we should congratulate leanovo from china, because the computer giant based in china said they would begin making their think-branded computers at a facility in north carolina, creating 115 new american jobs. that's pretty darn good, too. should the president have mentioned them? we'll be right back. you know,that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph,
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tomorrow the reverend jesse jackson is going to be outfront to talk about the president's handling of gun violence in chicago. going to be an important and significant interview, given that on friday the president will be in chicago, a city plagued with some of the worst gun violence in the country. thanks for watching. as always, "piers morgan tonight" is next.
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